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A global leader in professional hair care blends and at the forefront of hair technology, Nanokeratin System has created a scientifically proven micro size molecular hair repair and enhancement system. The on-going research and development of unique and innovative formulas are inspired by nature. Our revolutionary patented technology is enhanced with biomimetic ingredients that emulate natural hair process. We thrive on the superior research and development being undertaken by the International Nanokeratin System Laboratory.

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The Range

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  • Natural Hair

    Rehydrate and restore moisture levels to reinvigorate your natural hair

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  • Coloured Hair

    Keep your hair looking vibrant with this colour preserving range

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  • Sensitised Hair

    Refine, invigorate, condition and improve the texture of chemically treated hair

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By Product Type

  • Shampoos

    A range of sulphate and paraben free formulas to gently cleanse hair

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  • Conditioners

    Sulphate free formulas that will restore moisture and nutrients for a smooth frizz free finish

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  • Masks

    A range of intensive masks to replenish, condition and restore nutrients for a silky smooth result

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  • Treatments

    Restore and protect your hair for a smoother, more manageable result

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